Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I love my tiny little sketch book and never leave home without it. I have a bigger one, for if I am going someplace where I know sketching and note-taking will be possible, but I also keep a tiny one in my purse for drawing emergencies! Such as this. Friends Molly (a painter) and Sigmund (a doctor) invited us to dinner last Saturday and afterwards Sigmund treated us to some pretty fantastic piano playing. Knowing what was on the agenda for the evening my husband Paul brought his flute, and it was great to hear the guys jam together for a while. Sigmund is a neurologist, but could probably have become a professional pianist if he'd wanted. Musical talent runs in his family: one of his nephews is the Rap Champion of Norway!

This was just a minute of quick scrawling with a ball point pen...I knew I'd be interrupted and I was. One of the kids needed something, then Molly wanted my opinion on one of her newest paintings, and then it was time to head home. But I was glad I got this done: I love my sketchbook, even if it is not full of carefully rendered scenes, but mostly is a bunch of croquis, doodles and lightning sketches. (Plus phone numbers and names of books and movies people recommend!) It's my funbook, and we can all use a little fun!


Webgrl said...

I love the randomness of this sketch. Very inspiring. Totally pointing me in that direction :)

platitudinal said...

A gathering with likeminded friends is delightful, isn’t it? I like how your husband brought his flute and had a jam session with the doctor pianist. Love the sketch :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for your visit and your inspiring thoughts. I should do just that to make my wish come true.

Your drawings and sketches are lovely and I particulary love how you carry this small sketch book at all times!!