Friday, June 1, 2007

Last week's Illustration Friday theme was Car. I groaned when I saw that, and since I was busy with the big holiday weekend, I made no attempt to try it. I am notoriously uninterested in automotive subjects. My sons love to tease me by asking me the make and model of various cars we've just seen. They want to hear me say "Um, I think it was a blue one. Right?"

But then just a few days ago I looked out my window and there was my little two-year-old neighbor going for a drive down the sidewalk in his shiny new pedal car. I raced outside with camera in hand. "Hey, honey, what kind of car is that?" I asked, snapping away. Little guy replied "Mine!"

Micron pen on paper, with watercolor, and photoshop "neatening"


Rrramone said...

Kids have the greatest answers! :-)

Momma Pajama said...

Very cute! I'm the same with cars. Color and heated seats are my only priorities. Oh, and no vans - too many nightmarish cross-country marathon trips in one as a child.

Your story reminded me of a little boy, Evan, who we were watching at a party as he snuck up to the table to filch grapes before the meal was served. We said, "Hey, are you snitching grapes?" and he said, with 2 year old distain, "No, I'm Evan!"

bookbabie said...

cute illo, better late than never, see cars can be fun:)

Britt-Arnhild said...

What a great painting.
I love the boy's expression, you have captured it so good.

Thanks for visiting my blog, leading me over here.

mike r baker said...

Sweet! Excellent take on the topic - well done, Nancy!

I wasn't so into the topic either, but you did it great justice! :)

platitudinal said...

Well, of course, it's the "mine" car!

*The boy had a winsome smile :)