Thursday, July 19, 2007

I did it myself and apparently I did a pretty good job too. I hung it on the fridge and there was a clamor later that day when the men in the family saw it, grasped instantly what (or who) it was and came rushing over to me "How'd you do that?!" "Me too, me too!!" Ironic that in a houshold of Simpsons fans I was the first to find this site, because I can't actually stomach the Simpsons. I admit its theoretical brilliance but in actuality it's too crude for me. The drool, butt cracks, drunk jokes and the like just gross me out. I have a fondness for Lisa, of course.

I picked a pink frosted doughnut for my Simpsons shirt. I thought it was appropriate as some art reviewer once called me "the foremost doughnut painter of Philadelphia." It may sound banal (and perhaps it was meant as a back-handed compliment) but I was thrilled. How often does one get called the foremost of anything, anywhere? And I certainly do love to paint doughnuts! I guess there's a streak of Homer in me after all.

Anyway, I've seen so many of these Simpsons avatars on illustrator's sites that I can't remember whose I saw it on first. If you want to make your own, go to the Simpsons Movie site and click on the Make Avatar button. It's fun! If you try it drop a link in the comments here to your Simpsonized self (or entire family like my friend Ned ). I'd love to see what you come up with!


Peter said...

This looks really cool. I tried it with myself and it came out horrible. You did a great job!

Camplin said...

Donuts, I can see how they would be great subject matter.

Lori said...

How did you manage to get a jpg version of this? I can't seem to export it (it says I've done it but it's never in my files)?

Thanks for your help!

Nancy Bea said...

Hi Lori! I tried to access an email for you, but couldn't. I hope you come back to check if I replied to your comment.

I could not use the Simpsons site technology to save my avatar either! I have a MAC computer and maybe that's it? But their "Save Avatar" instructions did not work. So I just used my computer's "Grab" feature...which allows you to take a snapshot of all or part of what is on the screen. That image is saved to the desktop as a TIFF, but then I put the TIFF into Photoshop and changed it to a jpeg. Sounds complicated but it wasn't...just a few clicks and drags and hey presto!

I hope that helps! If you post your avatar please leave another comment with the link!

rui said...

nice work you have! i have to a simpson self portrait, if you want to watch my go to

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Very fun! Thanks for the tip. I just made mine too.