Friday, April 22, 2011


Portland Delivery, oil & pencil on linen, 9 x 12, 2009
Bicycle is the theme today at Illustration Friday. I have only once painted a bicycle, and here it is! It's very uncharacteristic in style as well as in execution. I was so worried about depicting the bicycle accurately that I traced it carefully in pencil onto the primed canvas before "coloring it in", not at all my usual slap-happy style!

I had been showing at a gallery in Portland Maine (Susan Maasch Fine Art) and was dropping off some work one late afternoon when I saw this bicycle delivery guy sailing slowly past on his red bike. There was something about the light and the balanced motion of the scene that caught at my heart. I happened to have my camera in hand and click: almost unbelieveably I managed to catch the moment. I don't usually work from photos, depict action, work from tracing or even do any drawing at all before painting, but I did this time and was somewhat pleased with the result. Something to revisit in future perhaps.

I felt later, looking at the scene that it had a faint whiff of Christen Købke about it, which must have unconsciously caused the initial attraction. I have had a postcard of this painting on my studio wall for years.


Alicia Stucky said...

One thing I miss so much about being in school is being forced out of my comfort zone. It's a great feeling to do something uncharacteristic and have it turn out well. This is great!

Vicki Smith said...

It is a lovely painting, Nancy. I like the lighting and the truck in the background.

Linda Hensley said...

Very nice!

INDIGENE said...

Hey Nancy,
I love it and it has that laid back Maine feel to it as well!

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

I also like the truck in the background. Great work! Nice painting!...Daniel

Vilt og vakkert said...

Great documentary of a street of today in a small and quiet town ;:OD)