Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowy Evening

A Very Quick Sketch
from my studio window, just a few minutes ago. About 30 minutes of painting in all. I am challenging myself to paint every day...even if it just a few strokes. Trying to beat the winter blues.
We are actually in the midst of a blizzard as I type, and I had just gotten started when the lights went out. I kept painting and after a few minutes they came back on...yay! I was trying to get a tonal thing going, but I am not sure I succeeded. It was actually easier to see the values when the electric light was not on. This painting might benefit from later glazing or scumbling, but was an experiment.

Light in the Window, oil on canvas on board, 4 x 6, 2010


Devika said...

Very nice works again, Nancy : :)


Evelyn Howard said...

I like the texture, and the lamp indoor seen thru the window - very nicely done.