Monday, February 15, 2010

Tulip Head

Tulip Head, oil on canvas on wood, 5 x 3.5 inches, 2010, N.B.Miller

This is from a bouquet my husband gave me yesterday on Valentine's Day. I love tulips!

I am trying to do A Painting A Day, but even at 3.5 x 5 inches, I am not a one day painter, it seems. I always want to go back and adjust even just a little teeny bit. I am "letting go" after the second pass, though and moving one. These are like practice scales, and my goal is to simply keep on doing them, not fuss each one to death.


Devika said...

Beautiful composition, Nancy :)


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Thank you Devika! Do you paint, yourself?

Devika said...

Just as a time pass or when I need to release myself...Not a professional...can't even call an amateur, Nancy :)

But i have a sense, I guess :)


Evelyn Howard said...

Happy Valentines Day. A lovely painting as always.

Susan Rundle-Hughes said...

Gorgeous colour. It's so beautiful.